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Loyalist Conflict Museum

Andy Tyrie Interpretive Centre has been created to enable the Loyalist working class community, as it emerges from forty years of violent conflict, to reflect on those years and hopefully process an understanding of what actually happened to us as a community.

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Eastside Voices Tour

  • £15

    Per Person
  • 3


2 walking tours (2mile) & 1 Museum

Loyalist Conflict Museum

  • £5

    Walking Tour
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    Museum Entry

1 museum and 1 walking tour (£10)

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Walking Tour

  • Neill McCurrie Memorial Garden

    Where it all began, 27th June 1970 - The Troubles arrive bringing death to the streets..

  • Freedom Corner

    The popular landmark of Freedom Corner and Young Newton Remembrance Garden – Political murals and their messages dispelling the myths.

  • Newcastle Street/St.Leonards Crescent

    The streets where British soldiers killed Andrew Petherbridge on 7th February 1973, aged just 18. A year later - on 17th February 1974, Gary Reid and Kirk Watters - both just 17 years of age.

  • Dee Street Memorial Garden

    From walled mural to permanent structure – a place for reflection.

  • Hornby Street

    Scenes of carnage as an Army Saracen kills John Clarke on 16th October 1972, by crashing into a house a pinning him to a wall. The same Army Saracen is believed to have killed a young William ‘Billy’ Warnock, aged 15, the very next night.

  • Ruperta House / Gawn Street

    Headquarters of the UDA – From housing full-time staff to arms raids.

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    Andy Tyrie Interpretive Centre

    Our walking tour takes you on a journey through the streets of working class inner East Belfast. From the Newtownards Road to the Albertbridge Road, we take you on a journey of religious and political upheaval. During the 1970s death stalked these streets as a conflict began between the Loyalist and Republican communities, a conflict that would last for 30 years. Let us show you some of the EastSides key locations.