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Eastside Voices

Take a trip “Over the Bridge” in the words of local playwright Sam Thompson. Come and hear the authentic stories of conflict, violence, division, and pain that came to these streets from local guides who have been personally affected but yet remained resilient against adversity; as they guide you on a journey of discovery, understanding, and awareness of how communities who were once at war are now working together to promote community-led tourism and peacebuilding.

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    Walking Tours

Starting at the Andy Tyire Centre and finishing at Short Strand

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    Short Strand Walking Tour

    The Short Strand is a history fraught with conflict; its geographical layout on the fringes of Unionist East Belfast has drawn it directly into the annals of sectarian warfare that has engulfed Belfast dating back to 1857.

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Loyalist Conflict Museum

  • Walking Tour

    Our walking tour takes you on a journey through the streets of working class inner East Belfast. From the Newtownards Road to the Albertbridge Road, we take you on a journey of religious and political upheaval.

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  • Museum

    In the Museum you can handle authentic objects relating to the conflict in Northern Ireland, as well as those associated with the organisation’s movement into politics and community development as part of the organisations transitional journey.

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